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Advanced Mining Production Systems Named Telstra Best of Business Awards Finalist

AMPS is honoured to be selected as a WA State Finalist in two categories of the 2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards: Embracing Innovation & Promoting Sustainability. 

AMPS has had a strong impact on the entire resources industry. From our clients to our students, we are improving the mining industry for all mining professionals. 

We provide the highest quality professional services and continuously build capabilities within our organisation to future proof technical services departments across the mining industry. We do this through mentoring, training and provision of world-class procedures and systems.

Our innovative business has branched into many different sectors to support a variety of mining professions – from consulting, mine site optimisation, training courses, coaching and mentoring, to most recently the AMPS Academy!

AMPS is dedicated to providing a better future for everyone through exceptional service to the global resource industry. 

Through our classroom-based courses and the online AMPS Academy, we’re training engineers on how to better utilize and extract valuable minerals. 

We’re educating mining professionals on responsible and sustainable mining practices and how to improve the use of the world’s limited resources. We consider ourselves central to this issue and believe as an industry we must learn to better utilise natural resources.

The best way to improve on this issue is through education. AMPS will be the catalyst for lasting change by improving the skills of mining industry professionals around the world and ensuring operations ‘mine better’ for the future of Australia.

The Telstra Best of Business Awards is one of Australia’s most prestigious business awards programs, with over 24,000 nominations this year and a rigorous judging process.

Being selected as a State Finalist is an incredible achievement and is a testament to our hardworking and passionate team of professionals. 

The Telstra Best of Business Awards has been an incredible journey for AMPS and has allowed us to benchmark ourselves against some outstanding businesses. The process has helped us grow in areas we needed to improve and help us reflect on how far AMPS has come.


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