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AMPS Careers

Have you started to plateau or feel like your career isn’t moving as fast as you hoped? Are you interested in seeing other mining operations, commodities, countries, cultures and mining methods?

With Advanced Mining Production Systems you will have the flexibility to experience a multitude of operations, mining techniques, cultures and management styles to develop both your technical and management skills, which are highly sought after.

We specialise in mining technical services, ranging from drill and blast through to senior engineering, consulting and management roles. We have developed networks and working relationships around the globe, which can provide you with a wide range of opportunities to develop, implement and provide assistance to mining operations throughout the world.

We have a collaborative and innovative culture that enables our employees to thrive professionally and personally. We are looking for team players that fit our culture and have exceptional qualifications, experience and interpersonal skills.

We are currently looking for the ideal candidates for the following roles: see roles here.