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AMPS Expanding to North America

AMPS Expanding to North America

AMPS Expanding to North America

AMPS is excited to announce that we’re expanding into the US and Canada in 2024!

This is a significant milestone in our journey as we continue to grow and develop the business. It will allow us to extend our service offerings to existing clients, engage new clients and provide additional opportunities for our employees globally.

This expansion will allow us to connect with a broader audience, tap into new markets and build stronger relationships with our current clients.

Over the next month, some of the AMPS team will be travelling to Denver, Phoenix, Elko, Sudbury, Toronto, and Vancouver! They’ll also be attending the following conferences:

  • February 25-28 – SME MINEXCHANGE Conference – Phoenix, Arizona
  • March 3-6 – PDAC Conference – Toronto, Ontario


We’re excited to continue expanding AMPS’ network by building strong relationships with operations in the US and Canada in 2024.

Be sure to follow AMPS on LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up to date on our exciting journey in North America!

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