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AMPS Academy is an online technical services training program designed to assist in closing capability gaps for technical professionals in the mining industry and help develop job-ready technical mining skills.

Advancing professional capabilities in the resource industry.


There is a well-recognised shortage of highly-skilled, technical professionals in the mining industry, so AMPS Academy has developed technical services training to assist in closing capability gaps. This training focuses on upcoming, current and potential mining industry professionals.

AMPS saw a viable solution to the skills shortage, which was to develop high-quality, online education content aimed at upskilling mining professionals and those wanting to transfer into the technical professional area; and thus, AMPS Academy was born. The training material within AMPS Academy is current and relevant to mining professions and produced in a manner that allows for easier updating as the industry evolves.

AMPS Academy will bridge the gap between university and industry standards. Industry professionals will be able to learn as they go and gain the skills they need for their job when they need them.

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AMPS Academy offers learner-focused, online content to help develop mining skills that are job-ready. This content will teach learners what they need to know to do or improve the job.

Our online education provides the opportunity to learn flexibly around work, rosters and life commitments, with subject matter experts on hand to help aid in the training process. While the focus is online learning, AMPS Academy also has experts readily available to assist students in their learning, along with online collaboration, discussion boards and chat rooms with peers.

We collaborate with industry-wide expert engineers to create our learning content and combine this with dynamic graphics and videos to keep our learners engaged while also gaining valuable job-ready skills.

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