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Strategic Partnership between AMPS and Cube Consulting

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Strategic Partnership between AMPS and Cube Consulting

Advanced Mining Production Systems (AMPS) and Cube Consulting (Cube) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that will enable both businesses to provide a wider range of services to their clients in the global mining community.

With extensive expertise in both open pit and underground operations, AMPS Engineers and Geologists are industry leaders in technical services optimisations, operational improvements and support, systems, and training. AMPS’ team of geologists and engineers offers the full suite of open pit and underground expertise, providing a range of services from site based operational support to specialised consultancy services.

Cube Consulting are leading independent consultants with their geologists specialising in due diligence and audit, mineral resource estimates, geostatistical studies and grade control systems. Cube engineers provide expertise in mining studies, due diligence and audit, strategic scheduling and mine optimisation.

Under the partnership agreement, AMPS and Cube Consulting will collaborate on projects, share technical knowledge and resources, and broaden their service offering to include their respective networks of international clients. Combining AMPS’ experience in technical services, resource professional training, operational engineering, and geology, with Cube Consulting’s expertise in geology, due diligence, mineral resource estimates, and grade control systems, the partnership will use the strengths of both businesses to achieve the best results for each client.

The partnership will facilitate staff moving between the organisations to further their experience and skillsets, ultimately resulting in more rounded employees who are better equipped to provide quality service to the industry.

Brendan Parker, CEO of AMPS, said,

“We are excited to partner with Cube Consulting to offer our clients a more comprehensive range of mining services. Together, we will bring a broader experience base when solving complex mining and people-based problems and explore opportunities for staff to grow their skills and experience.”

Rebecca Prain, Managing Director of Cube Consulting, added,

“We are delighted to work more closely with AMPS. We share very similar values and by combining our respective strengths, we believe we can offer clients a more comprehensive range of mining services, and further our commitment to delivering pragmatic solutions.”

The partnership builds on the success of the Kambalda Engineering and Geology Symposia, which Cube Consulting and AMPS have been collaborating on for the past few years, and further extends their working relationship to future endeavours.

There are many exciting opportunities for the partnership to explore and all parties are committed to the success of the venture.