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2023 Kambalda Engineering & Geology Sympoisum

2023 Kambalda Symposium

2023 Kambalda Engineering & Geology Sympoisum

AMPS and Cube Consulting are pleased to announce the 2023 Kambalda Engineering and Geology Symposium date!


The Kambalda Engineering & Geology Symposium is a FREE event for Underground and Open Pit Engineers and Geologists to showcase an exciting project or share something new or interesting at their mine site.

This symposium is a great chance for young professionals working at mine sites around the region to learn and develop their professional skills. It allows us as an industry to share tips, techniques and local knowledge.

This event is very focused on the presenters and serves as a great forum to share ideas. There is no requirement to produce a written paper.


Some of last year’s presentations included:

  • Development of Integrated Geotechnical Data (IGD) tools for analysis of mine seismicity
  • Mining in Ultramafics
  • Void Management – Deep Blasting as a Void Mitigation Tool
  • Stope Safety Bollards
  • Optimum RPM for Rotary Percussion Drilling


This year, both the engineering and geology events will run simultaneously at the Kambalda Recreation Centre. There will be time after the event for food, drinks and networking.


Date: Thursday, 19th October

Venue: Shire of Coolgardie Kambalda Recreation Centre, Kambalda, WA

Contact: | 1300 885 404



If you’re interested in attending or presenting, please fill out the form below:

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