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Employee Benefits

AMPS Employee Benefits

At AMPS, we offer a host of employee benefits to assist employees in their success and help employees feel supported at work.  We’re here to create the conditions that enable you to thrive.

When becoming part of the AMPS team, you’ll have access to:


Large, New Office

AMPS is located in a large, new office overlooking the port in Fremantle.

Flexible Working Arrangements

A work environment that accommodates individuals’ needs where possible.

Additional Leave

Primary parental leave and partner parental leave for newborn, adoption, IVF or surrogacy.

Employee Referral Reward Program

Employees who refer a candidate who is employed in a permanent role with AMPS for at least three months will be rewarded with a referral bonus.

Service Awards

Recognition and reward for each year of service.

Employee Recognition

Employees can nominate each other for awards when their peers have gone above and beyond.

Discounts & Savings

Exclusive offers through our employee portal.

Social Events

Regular team events and social activities for the team and families.

Professional Development Opportunities

Ability to attend industry conferences, events and relevant training courses and access to an online learning portal.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Comprehensive insurance for all work-related travel, including coverage for personal belongings.

Reimbursed Travel Expenses

Work-related travel reimbursements, such as taxi fares and airport parking.

EAP/Performance Coaching

We offer an EAP along with performance coaching.



AMPS Company Initiatives

LifeBlood Team Donations

Employees may donate blood, plasma or platelets during our quarterly LifeBlood team donations.

St Pat’s Community Centre Volunteering

Employees may volunteer at St Pat’s in Fremantle during our volunteering sessions.