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Drill & Blast Optimisation

$3,500.00 exc. GST (per person)


Course code: UGDB002



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Course Description

Course Information and Overview
Detailed drill and blast underground engineering concepts and optimisation.

8-9 hrs per day over 3 days = 27 hours total

Download Course Guide here

Course Outcomes

Advanced Drill and Blast Principles

  • Timing and sequencing
  • Slashing design
  • Design a working plan from set parameters
  • Critically evaluating extraction method

Stope Design and Optimisation

  • Complex stope design
  • Mining economics
  • Charging risks and considerations

Additional Considerations

  • Backfill considerations and complications
  • Data and physicals tracking
  • Management and reporting


  • 0 – 4 years’ experience in an underground drill and blast engineering role
  • Undergraduate degree in:
    • Science (Mining)
    • Engineering (Mining)
    • or related discipline
  • This training course is held in an office space and hi-vis clothing is not required


Course Objectives
This course is designed to equip D&B engineers with the skills and knowledge to address D&B problems encountered within underground mining. They will learn how to critically assess common problems encountered in an underground production engineering role, apply strategic thinking to identify solutions, and how to optimise production methods.

Download Course Guide here

Course Content

Day 1

Advanced Drill and Blast Principles

  • Detailed D&B concepts to problem solving case studies to real mine situations
  • Timing and sequencing
  • Slashing designs
  • Create working designs
  • Critically thinking extraction method not just doing the standard/ same repetition.

Day 2

Stope design and optimisation

  • Stope design and optimisation
  • Mining economic considerations

Day 3

  • Charging through broken ground
  • Brow management
  • Backfill considerations and complications
  • Data/physicals tracking, management and reporting

Assessment Method

  • Simulated learnings and tutorials
  • Group problem solving
  • Exercise D&B design
  • Case study

Fees and Registration

1-2 people $3,500.00 per person
3-5 people (from same mine) $3,400.00 per person

  • Fee includes the course, course facilities, course materials, lunch & refreshments.
  • Participants’ laptops are required for this training.
  • This training course is held in an office space and hi-vis clothing is not required.

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