Drill & Blast Fundamentals and Processes
2 Day Course

$2,100.00 exc. GST (per person)


Course Description

Course Information and Overview

Course Outcomes

Underground mining methods and fundamental principles:

  • Understand the difference between the major global mining methods
  • Evaluate the suitability of different mining methods based on specific mining characteristics and conditions
  • Apply the basic principles of underground drilling and blasting.

Production ring design and blasting:

  • Calculate and design a drill plan
  • Calculate and design a charge plan
  • Understand the parameters that must be considered to ensure the most practical and effective design can be achieved.

Stope design and optimisation:

  • Learn how to design an economical stope
  • Optimise the design of a stope to maximise its profitability
  • Identify and apply parameters that must be considered when designing a stope.


  • Undergraduate degree (or final year student) in:
    • Science (mining)
    • Engineering (Mining)
    • or related discipline
  • Foreman or Shift Boss transitioning into a drill and blast role


Course Objectives
The AMPS D&B Fundamentals course is the ideal pathway for new or inexperienced mining engineers to build a solid learning foundation in underground drill and blast design

Course Content

Day 1

Underground mining methods and fundamental principles

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Stope process flow
  • Basic mining extraction methods overview
  • Legal and safety
  • Equipment and tools

Production ring design and blasting:

  • Drill and blast concepts
  • Drill designs
  • Ground support

Day 2

Stope design and optimisation:

  • Stope shape
  • Stope planning and design
  • QA/QC
  • Reconciliation
  • Mine design economic considerations
  • Importance of data/physicals tracking, management and reporting
  • Documentation and maintaining naming conventions

Assessment Method

  • Simulated learnings and tutorials
  • Group problem solving
  • Exercise D&B design
  • Case study

Fees and Registration

1-3 people $2100.00 per person
>4 People (from same mine) $2000.00 per person

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