• Are you feeling the pinch from the Mining Engineer shortage?
  • Are your Mining Engineers struggling to complete Drill and Blast designs to match scheduled stope production?
  • Do your Mining Engineers spend enough time underground reviewing drilling and blasting activities or are they stuck at the computer?
  • Want to increase drill and blast productivity and efficiency?
  • Do your Mining Engineers have time to review and optimise your site drill and blast parameters to improve drill and blast results?


Outsourcing your drill and blast designs may be the solution you need.

You can enable your Mining Engineers to have more time to add increased value to your operation by letting an experienced external business create your drill and blast designs. You will also be enabling them to have more time available to explore opportunities to improve drill and blast productivity, operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

At AdvancedMPS, we have significant experience in delivering drill and blast designs to our clients from Perth. We are also backed by an industry proven reputation by providing practical, economical and efficient solutions. By reaping the benefits of outsourcing this time-consuming task you will be allowing your skilled Mining Engineers to focus on adding further value onsite.

Cost Savings

Employing a site base Mining Engineer on an annual salary, inclusive of additional overheads such as flights, accommodation, messing, training and admin costs, is a significant investment.

For a Mining Engineer to be efficiently dealing with the modern mine, implementing improvement projects, reducing costs and improving efficiencies they need to be out onsite, away from the computer and working with operators.

By outsourcing Drill and Blast designs your Mining Engineers will be able to carry out their role efficiently and effectively, increasing job satisfaction as well as increasing productivity across site.

At AdvancedMPS drill designs are charged on a cost per-drill metre basis, making outsourcing a cost effective option without the hidden costs associated with hourly rates.

Flexible Solutions

Outsourcing your drill and blast design work provides flexibility to ensure required drill and blast designs are completed on time during critical production times or periods of staff leave or vacancy.

Given the dynamic conditions within the current employment marketplace for Mining Engineers, AdvancedMPS have the ability to match and adapt to these changes to meet client demands. This enables you to respond to changing priorities and requirements.

We understand that every site is unique and presents its own complexities and challenges and as such we ensure that we work closely with our clients to ensure all designs adhere to site specific drill and blast design parameters, whilst also identifying potential drill and blast improvements that may be applicable.

Skilled and Professional Expertise

Ensuring that you outsource your drill and blast design to a reputable, skilled and experienced company will not only give your operation peace of mind, but the confidence in knowing that your designs will be high quality and delivered on time. Meanwhile your designed drill stocks are maintained and site-based engineers are spending more time undertaking operational requirements that add value to your operation.

AdvancedMPS have significant experience in delivering external drill and blast designs to clients form our Perth office. Our extensive experience enables us to produce efficient plans that minimise drill metres, whilst ensuring the most practical and optimal design is achieved.

Gain a Fresh Perspective

Our team of experienced Mining Engineers have a vast array of exposure to different mining methods, deposits and drill design techniques. Their experiences can deliver a new perspective on difficult mining areas or recurring drill and blast issues.

 Save Valuable Time

Role requirements and responsibilities for Mining Engineers mean that it is challenging for most to maintain required drill and blast designed stocks while also finding sufficient time to inspect production areas underground. Outsourcing your drill and blast design creates the opportunity to optimise your Mining Engineers’ time on site whilst ensuring that production drills keep drilling and production rates are maintained.

AdvancedMPS have the experience, systems and processes in place to ensure continual communication takes place during the design process to meet site requirements and time constraints.

If you would like to find out more on how AdvancedMPS can benefit your operations, get in touch today at drilldesigns@advancedmps.com