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External Mine Designs

How the AMPS Dedicated External Design Team Can Help Your Site Get Ahead

The pandemic triggered massive changes in the way we use technology, and nowhere has this been more evident than the sharp increase in remote working. As the mining industry adjusts to these changes, Advanced Mining Production Systems (AMPS) has been building our capacity to provide flexible, cost-effective and external mining support to anywhere in the world.


AMPS Dedicated External Design Support

For nearly two years AMPS has been completing engineering designs remotely for our clients, who have benefited in many ways:

  • Reduced FIFO contracting thanks to a reduced onsite headcount
  • Design inventories increasing, with designs completed well in advance of mining
  • Reduced delays in de-risking activities, with designs routinely available on time
  • Filling onsite skill shortages with remote engineering support
  • Completing tasks that enable site-based engineers to focus on value-add activities such as:
    • Design implementation
    • Improvement projects
    • Underground inspections
    • Onsite stakeholder engagement


Our dedicated team of experienced engineers are known for delivering value, and quickly.

The onboarding of AMPS engineers is accelerated thanks to our Senior Mining Consultants, who are experts in familiarising themselves with site-specific requirements and ensuring our team of engineers can begin design work without delay. Then, before any completed designs are delivered to clients, designs are reviewed to ensure they meet our high standards.

All this and more is achieved remotely from our Perth office!


Expert Engineering

With the current shortage of skilled and experienced mining engineers, AMPS’ forward-thinking approach to supporting our clients consistently delivers accurate and cost-effective support to mining operations around the world.

Whether on full-time or temporary basis, our dynamic and flexible engineers consider specific operational constraints to deliver practical design solutions. Throughout the relationship, we regularly engage clients to ensure transparency as we work to meet your site’s design objectives.

Recently our AMPS team assisted an operation whose designs were being approved just one week before they were required. Within a few weeks, the AMPS team had succeeded in ensuring designs were completed a full three months before they were required.

Below are some examples of the AMPS delivery time for complete, ready-to-print expert designs:

  • Stope Note Designs – Average stope shape sizes of less than 10,000t – 8 hrs 
  • Stope Note Designs – Average stope shape sizes of more than 10,000t – 19hrs  
  • Drill designs for small stope sizes <2,000t @ 217 drm/hr 
  • Drill designs for medium stope sizes  2,000t – 7,000t @ 372 drm/hr 
  • Drill designs for large stope sizes  >7,000t @ 1,138 drm/hr 


AMPS is more than mine design!

Beyond mine design, our team also has the capability to:

  • Complete audits and system reviews
  • Train and mentor site personnel
  • Support other technical services teams


From drill & blast to LoM scheduling, our experienced engineers can assist with implementing straightforward systems that target industry best practice across a mining operation.


For more information on how our dedicated External Design Team can benefit your site, get in touch with AMPS today! | 1300 885 404