Drill and Blast Designs from Perth, Australia

Allow your engineers to focus on the real issues that affect your mine and let AMPS complete the menial tasks.

  • Drill & Blast Designs
  • D&B Audits
  • Engineer Training
  • Contract Work

Quality drilling and blasting results starts from the initial design. The design and planning process completed by AMPS  ensures optimum parameters and patterns are used to maximise ore recovery and minimise dilution. Leave your drill and blast designs in the hands of the experts in Perth, Australia. AMPS use various mining software to create stope designs,  drill and blast designs and to complete stope reconciliations for all hard rock commodity types. Our designs are tailored to your specifications, ensure industry best practice, and are cost-effective.

AMPS will provide a comprehensive service, catered to individual contracts providing a range of drill and blast systems, design, and ongoing support. From start to finish, our experienced team will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the final results.

How does it work?

We provide a comprehensive service for the completion of drill and blast designs for operations within Australia and throughout the world. Simply send us your completed stope designs and AMPS will provide:

  • Rise/slot drilling plans
  • Underground Mining Stope Design
  • Underground Mining Ring Design
  • Charge Plans
  • Plan and section views
  • T&G reporting
  • Ongoing support for hassle free drill & blast operations

Our design specialists will save you time and increase the efficiency of your drill and blast operations. This enables your engineers to spend more time optimising stopes and less time on menial tasks.

Remote access can be set up for offsite file management if required.

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